About me 

Hi I am Ella! I am a graphic designer and positive thinker driven by making and encouraging positive changes to our environment and wellbeing. My practice is centred around how the act of Play, can shape our lives and facilitate our abilities to learn new skills at any age. My design style and aesthetics are all about repurposing and reusing what we have around us connecting to a niftier way of thinking, going forward. I hope that by viewing my work you can also connect with this idea of play, especially in your adult life. Play is simply allowing time in the day to forget about everything else. And allowing yourself to become consumed in something that makes you happy. Be open to finding play among the everyday and trust me you will discover something you never knew about yourself or even the world around you, it's that easy! ​​​​​​​
Royal Society Of British Artists for the National Students’ Art Exhibition,
Highly Commended, 2015
Royal Female School of Art Foundation, Queen's Scholarship,
Highly Commended, 2019
Foundation in Graphic Design - Central Saint Martins, 2016 - 2017
BA Graphic Communication Design - Central Saint Martins, 2017 -2020
Want to work together ? Say hello! ellazekidesigns@hotmail.com or follow the Contact form on my website. I am currently open to commissions and freelance work within a spectrum of graphic design needs.